Hello and welcome to my website.

I imagine you looking for some help with difficulties you or someone close to you is experiencing. I work with adults and adolescents (16-25).


Psychotherapy is a way to explore, process and grow from these emotional difficulties, by giving voice to these often unheard parts of us.

These difficulties have many forms, (symptoms), including, depression, anxiety, relationship issues and all of the myriad and ever changing descriptions and diagnoses contained within the mental health field.

Sometimes these are the result of obvious traumas, sometimes not.


A therapy session is in some ways a very simple process. We arrange to meet at a certain time and place and I invite you to talk about what is bringing you to therapy. I will listen carefully, share my thoughts and together we will work to think in depth about these thoughts, feelings, conflicts, symptoms and difficulties.


Clinical background.




I have worked full time as a psychotherapist for over ten years working with a wide variety of people from arrange of backgrounds and with a huge variety of difficulties. Some people may want to know what I may specialise in and some therapists may produce a bewildering array of ‘specialisms’.  I think  more that all difficulties are contained within our shared experience of being human. What I can say is that as well as my formal MSc in Psychotherapy from Brighton University, I have continued to investigate at depth my own experience of being human via my own analysis. It is this that I think makes Psychodynamic psychotherapy different form other disciplines as it truly recognises the shared aspect of human suffering as opposed to any simplistic ideas of us and them.


I offer both short-term and open-ended psychotherapy once or twice weekly and am interested on working with people who may of tried other approaches but feel they wish to work at greater depth.

I am non-discriminatory and am interested in the intersectionality and power dynamics. I am LGBQT+ affirmative.






I have extensive experience of working with adolescents. I have set up a rites of passage charity working with at risk adolescents, and worked as a systemic (family) therapist for the Brighton youth offending team. I have undertaken some further training looking at adolescence as a pathway through to adulthood.



I work from two clinics, Brighton Therapy Centre in Brighton and Brighton and Hove Psychotherapy in Hove;- https://www.brightonandhovepsychotherapy.com/practitioners/paul-salvage/



Paul Salvage Psychotherapist Brighton and Hove