About Psychotherapy.

My aim in Psychotherapy is to create a safe, supportive but non-collusive space where we can work together to understand the difficulties you are facing. I will do this  by carefully listening and reflecting, encouraging you to speak as freely as possible and thinking about the barriers to this.

“A psychoanalysis consists in speaking freely, in not hushing the ideas that go through your head, like we’re doing right now. Little by little, from within your own words, another meaning forms and surprises you, then falls apart, taking the pain with it. Usually, you discover just how conditioned you have been by apparently minute elements encountered in hazardous circumstances: things from childhood, meetings, certain words said to you, and we keep coming back to them until the malevolent charge of these elements softens. Each case is different”. – Jacques-Alain Miller.


Paul Salvage Psychotherapist Brighton and Hove